Current Requirements

Players must be fully competent on their instrument with good sight-reading skills.  Previous experience of band or orchestral playing is also vital.  We also expect regular attendance. The probationary period is 4 rehearsals.

At present we currently require a tuba player.

You are welcome to apply to join us by contacting us at


Trinity Concert Band rehearses at Trinity Church, Lower Earley on Tuesday evenings 7:45 – 9:45.

Player Standards

All players are welcome to start immediately provided that there is a suitable vacancy.  If there is no current vacancy then you can join our waiting list. There will be no formal audition – the trial period simply provides an opportunity for both parties to check their mutual suitability. Standard/suitability will be reviewed by the Musical Director and relevant section leader.

What to expect

At the new player’s first rehearsal, you will be welcomed and made aware of the guidelines for joining, i.e. standard, review, trial period and subscriptions. If you are accepted, after the trial period, you will be asked to pay relevant subscriptions (proportionate to the yearly fee based on the month of joining).

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